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Cavapoo Friends NYC

I, the undersigned, hereby grant permission to CAVAPOO FRIENDS NYC to use my photograph and/or likeness taken of me and/or my dog during anymeet ups and events I attend from 2023 till as long as Cavapoo Friends NYC is in existence, for promotional and marketing purposes, including butnot limited to social media and website.

I understand that participation in Cavapoo Friends NYC meet ups and events involves interaction with dogs and other participants. I acknowledge and agree that I am solely responsible for my safety and the safety of my dog during the event. I release Cavapoo Friends NYC, Dena Helf and any volunteers, associates or associated sponsors from any liability for injuries or damages that may occur during the meetup.


I understand the inherent risks associated with dog meetups and take full responsibility for me and my dog's behavior. I release Dena Helf and Cavapoo Friends NYC from any responsibility, monetarily or otherwise.


By attending Cavapoo Friends NYC meet ups and events, I acknowledge that I have read and voluntarily agree to the terms of this release and waiver.

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